Can Stem Cell Treatments Help Regenerate Hair Loss?

Can Stem Cell Treatments Help Regenerate Hair Loss?

For many decades and beyond, both men and women have been searching for a hair loss cure. It is estimated that two out of every three men are going to have some degree of hair loss, while one in every two women will face the same. During the last several years, chemicals, medicine, and surgical procedures have been created to help combat this hair loss problem. Unfortunately, not every product or procedure benefits all people.

One of the newer methods to help restore hair growth is through stem cell treatments. Hair stem cell treatments can be an effective and safe way to help cure baldness, in addition to increasing the self-esteem of those impacted by hair loss.

Q: Are stem cell hair treatments natural?

A: Yes, a stem cell treatment for hair loss is natural because the patient’s own stem cells are utilized to help stimulate new hair growth. The stem cells are commonly gathered from the patient’s fat stores that sit just under the skin. Regardless of a person’s body type, most people have a layer of fat in the thigh, buttock, or abdominal areas. The stem cells collected from these areas tend to be more potent with a specific type of stem cell that is linked to hair regrowth.

Q: What is the purpose of stem cells?

A: Stem cells are tiny naturally occurring organisms in the human body that can assist in creating new cells, whether they are needed for our bones, blood, organs, nerves, brain, or cartilage, etc. The human body produces these cells and then assigns them to rebuild, rejuvenate, or regenerate when needed. The stem cells collected from fatty areas are often just dormant cells that are waiting to be utilized for a purpose.

Q: What happens after the stem cells are collected?

A: Once the stem cells have been harvested, the cells must be separated by the rest of the tissue by spinning in a centrifuge machine. The stem cells then become highly concentrated and are ready to be administered to the hair loss site. This rich concentration is infused into the scalp, through about two to six total injections. How many injections and sessions a patient needs depends on the extent of hair loss.

Q: How does the stem cell injection help with hair growth?

A: The administered concentration of cells starts stimulating the areas of hair loss by producing chemicals that essentially “wakes up” shrinking follicles. The hair follicle is a sheath that encompasses the hair root. The follicle is essential in providing the foundation for hair sustenance. The stem cells promote hair regrowth as the deteriorating follicles are repaired, leading to stronger, thicker, and healthier hair.

Q: Are hair follicles capable of regenerating?

In general, hair follicles have the capacity to regenerate throughout most of a person’s lifespan. That is, unless a person is faced with a genetic predisposition for hair loss or through external factors, which leads to hair thinning and baldness. Thankfully, stem cell hair treatments can be a safe and successful option for those who struggle with hair loss, and are in need of follicle regeneration.

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