FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles

What should I expect from FUE hair treatment?

If you are exploring the possibility of undergoing follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair treatment, you likely have many questions. For many men as well as women who are suffering from hair loss, FUE is a more effective hair restoration method than wearing wigs or otherwise covering up their bald patches. FUE hair treatment is a proven and effective technique for combatting baldness and thinning hair follicles. To learn if you are a candidate for this increasingly popular treatment method, call a doctor schedule a consultation with our FUE hair treatment surgeon.

How does FUE hair treatment work?

FUE involves the extraction of healthy hair follicles from an area of the patient’s scalp that is not subject to baldness or thinning, and implanting those follicles into problematic areas of the scalp.

How will the donor area of the scalp appear after the FUE hair treatment?

Because FUE relies on donor hair follicles in one area of the head, a patient might be concerned that after the hair treatment there will be ugly scars as a result. It may be a relief to you that in areas where the hair follicles are removed, the extraction sites are virtually invisible.

How much hair density will result from FUE hair treatment?

Our FUE hair treatment doctor can achieve 40-50% of a patient’s original hair density in areas that were balding prior to treatment. From a visual perspective, it’s often that hair loss isn’t even noticeable until nearly half the follicles are affected. This means that FUE hair treatment can result in a head of hair looking as healthy as it did before the individual’s hair condition became apparent.

Is FUE hair treatment a painful process?

Prior to undergoing the FUE hair treatment, your doctor will administer a mild oral sedative in combination with a local anesthesia in the treatment area. This should allow you to relax and not be in fear of experiencing pain of any kind during the treatment. After the FUE hair treatment is completed, you may feel mild to moderate discomfort. This can usually be managed with non-prescription, over-the-counter medications suggested by your doctor.

Does a FUE hair treatment look natural?

Our patients overwhelmingly enjoy a more youthful, fuller head of hair as a result of FUE hair treatment. Our skillful doctor reproduces all manner of follicular unit placement, and that is key for achieving successful hair restoration.

Is FUE hair treatment safe?

FUE hair treatment has proven to be not only effective, but safe as well. Any surgical procedure comes with certain risks such as infection, discomfort, or numbness. However, our highly trained and experienced FUE hair treatment doctor adheres to the highest medical standards of quality care, resulting in minimal risk.

How will my transplanted hair look after FUE hair treatment?

About seven months following FUE hair treatment, new growth hair follicles will become visible. They should grow at the same rate as your existing hair. In this way, your transplanted and existing hair follicles will grow together and likely appear identical.

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