How Much is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplant Surgery

The loss of hair on the scalp can be a blow to the self-image of both men and women. A full, and healthy, head of hair is considered to be a sign of youth and can also give a person an increased amount of self-confidence. In addition, many patients who suffer from thinning or balding hair want to restore their hairline in order to look younger at work and be more competitive in the workplace. Patients that have current hair loss have often said they would pay any amount of money to get their hair back. This leads us to the question:

How much is hair transplant surgery?

The cost of a hair transplant is determined by a number of factors, and they include:

  • The area of the country where the hair restoration procedure is performed (for example, a Los Angeles hair transplant will cost more than a hair transplant in other areas of the country)
  • The type of hair transplant performed by the surgeon (Follicular Unit Extraction/FUE, Follicular Unit Transplantation/FUT, Beard to Scalp, etc.)
  • The total number of hair grafts used by the doctor
  • The fee charged per hair graft by the surgeon
  • Any additional fees charged by the medical facility where the surgery is performed

In other words, the total cost of hair transplant surgery is not a “set fee” and will vary per patient. The person who wants to have a hair transplant will need to schedule a consultation appointment with their doctor of choice. The surgeon will examine the scalp of the patient to make sure the person is an ideal candidate for the procedure. In addition, the doctor will also review the various options available when it comes to the specific case of the patient and set realistic expectations about the type of results the patient can expect to enjoy after the surgery.

One other factor that goes into the final cost of hair transplant surgery is the fees for the follow-up visits to the doctor. The surgeon will need to monitor the progress of the hair growth of the patient after the surgery. These visits to the doctor are not included in the cost of the actual surgery and will need to be considered by the patient when it is time to make the final decision about having the procedure.

Some doctors do offer payment plans or they work with financing companies that make it easier for patients to pay for their hair restoration surgery. Patients should check with their doctor to determine their payment options before scheduling a hair transplant surgery.