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Like most signs of aging, hair loss is not something that will happen overnight. For most, losing hair, or going bald, is a process that takes several years – or even decades. As a hair loss clinic, we can happily say that it is possible to stop, or slow down, hair loss. However, in order to do this in the most effective way possible, it will help you to learn how to notice the signs of male pattern baldness. The sooner you can take action, the more hair you may be able to save.

That being said, identifying hair loss is not always straightforward. Many of the popular signs of hair loss that you will read about are not necessarily reliable. This can cause men to mistake hair loss that is normal and will grow back (resulting from damaged hair follicles) for hair loss that is from male pattern baldness.

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Three Real Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

There are a few signs that are actually good indicators of male pattern baldness. If you notice these signs on your own scalp or body, you should consult a hair loss specialist.

Your Hairline Has Noticeably Changed

One of the most obvious signs of hair loss in men is a change in your hairline. This change should be noticeable in pictures and in the mirror. Male pattern baldness tends to begin around the hairline. You may notice that your hairline was flat, squared, or mildly receded, but is now looking more like a V-shaped hairline. Most people will notice the V shape to begin around the temple area. Usually the hair will become more thin and graduate to hair loss. If you are unsure about whether this is true for you, try comparing two photographs, taken in similar lighting, that have been taken a few years apart.

Your Hair is Obviously Thinning

Not everyone will begin to go bald from their hairline. Some males will experience a thinning of the hair instead. This could be noticed on the entire scalp or around certain areas, such s the crown of the head. As a result, the baldness may be noticed on the top, back, or sides of the head rather than the front. To see if you are affected by spot diffuse thinning, as it's called, you can do the same steps mentioned above. Take photos at different periods of time and notice how your hair looks. If you do notice you hair looking thinner, it may be worth it to take action now to prevent any further loss from happening.

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Alot of Hair Falls Out When You Brush

On average, men and women lose about 100 hairs per day. This means that when you shower or brush your hair it is normal to have hair left over in your hands. However, if you notice large amounts that fall out in the shower, when you brush, or throughout the day, there may be a cause for concern. Before you worry, it is possible that you are going through a temporary hair loss phase. This can happen when you are stressed, fatigued, sunburned, ill, or have lost a lot of weight. Temporary hair loss can last for a few days to a few weeks. If the hair loss does not subside, you should consult a hair loss specialist for further advice.