What is Stem Cell Hair Treatment?

What is Stem Cell Hair Treatment?

Stem cell hair treatment has a lot in common with traditional hair transplants but there are important differences.

·         Traditional hair transplants involve removing many hairs from healthy areas of the scalp and transferring those hair follicles to the balding area.

·         Stem cell hair treatment involves removing a small section of skin and using it to harvest healthy hair follicles. Those sample hair follicles are replicated in a lab then implanted into the area of the scalp that has thinned or no hair.

Is Stem Cell Hair Treatment New Technology?

Stem cell hair treatment is cutting edge technology, and is the most advanced method of treating persons suffering from advanced hair loss or thinning hair. Hair loss affects 21 million American women, and 35 million American men. Our stem cell hair treatment doctor offers a no-cost, no-obligation consultation during which your questions and possible concerns can be addressed. Stem cell hair treatment is a safe and effective procedure that may provide you with the hair restoration solution you desire.

Stem cell hair treatment offers a long term, continuous, and permanent hair growth solution. And because the stem cells are sourced from the patient, there is zero risk of the patient’s body rejecting the stem cell tissue.

How Does Stem Cell Hair Treatment Work?

A physician in stem cell hair treatment, which is a natural approach to reversing hair loss among men and women of all ages. Here is an overview of how the process works:

·         Our stem cell hair treatment doctor collects stem cells from the patient’s fat cells (known as adipose tissue). This procedure activates the progenitor cells that exist in the hair follicles and scalp.

·         Our stem cell hair treatment doctor transfers the stem cells to a problematic area of the scalp which triggers the cells in the existing and deteriorating hair follicles. After being triggered, the unhealthy follicles begin to regenerate, producing healthier and stronger hair follicles.

How Do Transplanted Hair Follicles Stimulate New Growth?

The transplanted stem cells are able to reinforce the capillary loop and connective tissues that form the hair follicle bulb. This allows the stem cells to reinforce and build the surrounding hair follicle papilla.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss crosses gender and age lines: almost anyone of any age or gender can suffer from hair loss. It can be caused by any number of factors, and as a result, hair loss can be permanent or fully treatable. After a thorough exam by our stem cell hair treatment doctor, you should have a clearer idea of the cause of your hair condition as well as your treatment options. Some of the most common causes of balding or thinning hair includes:

·         Hereditary or inherited hair condition.

·         Extreme stress or trauma of a physical or emotional nature.·         Sustained exposure to harsh chemicals or environmental conditions.

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