Does FUT hair treatment actually work?

Does FUT hair treatment actually work?

Though FUT hair treatment is not an entirely new procedure, there have been notable advances in recent years. By using this procedure, male and female patients can experience a reversal of pattern baldness. In addition, FUT hair treatment is extraordinarily safe and the results look perfectly natural. It is a simple procedure that can effectively and permanently restore one’s lost hair and hairline. As a result, the hair will not thin over time and it will not fall out. For these reasons, maintenance treatments are not necessary. Additionally, most patients can return to their day-to-day routines in as little as two-to-five days.

How will I look after FUT hair treatment?

About two to three weeks after FUT hair treatment, the transplanted hairs will start to shed. Within a few months, new hair growth will emerge for most patients. Following that, the patient can expect to enjoy a natural looking and healthy head of hair and growing hairline. It will be a permanent change because the transplanted hairs are resistant to the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. It is the DHT hormone that is responsible for causing hair loss among men as well as women.  

Where do the transplant hairs come from?

The transplant, or donor hairs are usually located on the back of the skull where the hair is the thickest. A doctor will harvest a narrow strip of hair from that area. The hair sample is then genetically modified so that it will be resistant to the DHT hormone. During the surgery, the doctor uses a specialized scope which enables him to see the hair follicles and work in a precise manner, taking only what is necessary for the FUT hair treatment. This is known as FUT strip harvesting. The harvested follicles are split into follicular units, and each unit contains up to four hairs each.

What happens after the FUT strip harvesting?

After our FUT hair treatment doctor creates the follicular units, the focus switches to the recipient sites which are the areas that have experienced the greatest loss of hair or hair strength. Those areas are prepared by the surgeon previous to the hair transplant. The locations as well as the intended direction, orientation, and the angle of each follicular unit is planned in advance of the FUT hair treatment. The determinations are based on what will look the most natural for the patient after the procedure is concluded.

The final step in the FUT hair treatment process is to place the individual hair grafts in their proper positions. The doctor takes great care in making sure that every follicular unit is grafted precisely and correctly so that the end result achieves the maximum possible effect.

Can anyone undergo the FUT hair treatment?

Though not everyone is a candidate for FUT hair treatment, a majority of people are if they experience pattern balding. Some causes of balding do not require surgery as the triggers are temporary or environmental. In those cases, once the triggers are removed, the individual can expect to stop losing hair and eventually regain the hair that they lost.

To discover if you are a good candidate for FUT hair treatment, give our office a call today to schedule a consultation.

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