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Hair Loss Doctor Beverly Hills, CA

If you are seeking a hair loss doctor in Beverly Hills, CA offers many to choose from, but one of the most recommended clinics is Dauer Hair Restoration. For years, we have been helping men and women regain their confidence through our state of the are hair restoration services. For an appointment with a hair loss doctor in Beverly Hills, CA call us now. 

It is very common for people to hide their hair loss rather than talk with a hair transplant doctor. They might try a new hair style, like a combover, wear hats, scarves, or even wigs. However, none of these things offer a long lasting solution. This is why we, at Dauer Hair Restoration provide a broad range of hair restoration services that can effectively treat hair loss. 

Hair Loss Can Be a Big Deal

Hair loss may not only affect the way a person looks, but it can also have a role in how they feel about themselves. Sometimes they will lose their self confidence or avoid situations in which they must be the focus of the attention. Women might feel even more self conscious about thinning hair or hair loss. Often women don’t realize that a hair loss doctor in Beverly Hills, CA can help them; as a result, they might wear a wig or try to ignore the condition. 

Regardless of whether you or a man or a women, if you are experiencing hair loss, there is treatment. Talk with a Beverly Hills, CA hair loss doctor to find out what options may be available. 

the side and back of the head are not affected by hair loss in men and women. Your hair loss doctor may remove donor hair follicles from the side and back of the head and relocate them to the areas in which you are losing hair. This is usually around the top of the scalp. Over time, the newly transplanted hair will begin to grow. 

Prior to you getting a hair transplant, your hair loss doctor Beverly Hills, CA men and women rely on will review some concerns including:

  • Whether or not you are in good health?

  • Whether or not you are pregnant?

  • Your age. 

  • Your degree of hair loss. 

  • The quality and quantity of donor hair. 

  • Your overall goals. 

Once your doctor understands these answers, he or she can explain to you whether or not you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant. If you are, the following steps will ensue. 

Step 1: Trim the Donor Site

Usually the donor site is at the back of the head. It will be trimmed before the surgery to prepare the area for the removal of follicles. 

Step 2: Local Anesthetic

Once the donor area is made ready for the transplant, a local anesthetic will be given. 

Step 3: Removal of Tissue

The tissue with the bald resistant hair follicles will be removed. After the donor area is stitched together. 

Step 4: Combing of Hair 

Your doctor will comb the hair in a way so that the stitches are not noticeable. 


The Hair Transplant Procedure

In general the hair on 

Step 5: Trimming the Donor Tissue

The tissue will be trimmed into special FU grafts using a microscope. 

Step 6: Preparation and Incision of the Bald Area

Under an anesthetic, the balding area will be prepared for the transplant. Small incisions are made and the grafted tissue is placed into these incisions. 


Following the hair transplant, you will likely have several hundred small, microscopic incisions with very short hair showing. These incisions recover within about a week. Your doctor will review the post surgery care with you during your appointment.